How to prepare for your session
PREPARATION TOOLS Everyone has life force energy moving through them but it is important to remember that this energy will meet people where they are at. The earth’s frequencies are rising, and we are in the age of a great spiritual awakening. We are ready to experience profound transformation; however, small percentage of people may feel very little in a session. Please know that the energy is still working for you. You may need a few sessions for the energy to activate to a higher degree. However, there can be a few reasons why people are not experiencing the same amount of energy as others. •Some people find it very difficult to let go, they can be very stuck in their minds, and their identification with their personality may be strong. •Others may have suppressed their energy to a great degree and may also have severe traumas that are very difficult to let go of or work through. •Some may have lots of armouring and protecting themselves from going deeper into their experience and personal healing process. •This experience is all about the present moment. The here and now. Some allow their Mind-Ego to take over. Taking them out if the present. Their mind takes them to distraction. "I can't relax " "I never replied to that email" "Remember that time when" "I have nothing to heal" "I must call that friend when I'm back home" • Also our Mind Ego can take over with having expectations on what they want to unblock and experience. Have ZERO EXPECTATIONS. If our minds ego is present the energy will not move through you intensely. This is a healing process. Trust + allow yourself to surrender & let go. Here is a libary of guided meditations and recommended books , tools + practices that focus on presence , surrender , mindful breathing , deep listening & letting go. This libary will best prepare you for your session Spend time with these practices on the run up to you session or retreat. They'll help you alot with being present and letting go during your experience.